We do Have Available Disposable Gloves and Gowns in surgical settings and routine exams, make sure your clinic is well-stocked on medical gloves. Assorted styles and speciality gloves available.

Exam Gowns Ensure that patients are comfortable during any exam setting with our selection of cost-effective disposable gowns.

Medical coveralls besides gloves and Gowns offer protection from a variety of biohazards, fluid spills, and splashes. Universal sizes and case quantities are available.

Lab Coats ,Available Disposable Gloves and Gowns in several different lengths and with multiple utilitarian pocket options, QuickMedical is your one-stop shop for disposable lab coat apparel.

Material: Nitrile rubber
Colors: white,blue,Violet or custom
Feature:Acid and alkali resistance,Puncture resistant,Breathable,Waterproof,Protection or custom
Size:S.M.L.XL or custom
  • Available Disposable Gloves and Gowns and POWDER-FREE! Will not dry out your hands or contaminate your work surfaces with undesirable material.
  • Available Disposable Gloves and Gowns and NEW TECHNOLOGY! Textured fingertips that feel like the touch of skin!
  • NON-SLIPPERY! No slipping, even when wet!
  • LATEX-FREE! (Up to 17% of the population have an allergy to latex which results in Irritant Contact Dermatitis.) Although more expensive, Nitrile gloves material is the way-of-the-future for all medical-grade/surgical gloves.
  • ODOURLESS! Will not leave your hands with an unpleasant odour!
  • 100 Gloves per box = 50 pairs per box!
  • The very best gloves available anywhere in the world!

Nitrile Gloves Disposable Safety Glove

Nitrile Gloves are disposable safety glove for men and women. This type of material can protect your hands from chemical exposure and other elements that may harm your skin. Similarly, it does not contain any rubber latex. In fact, a nitrile glove can fit on your hand. It can protect your hand when handling infectious materials. At the same time, you can wear them for a long period of time. It’s an ideal glove for people who are allergic to latex. Likewise, it is available in a darker color which allows you to identify if your glove has any punctures.

Multifunctional Disposable Gloves And Gowns

These available disposable gloves and gowns  are very popular and used in the food industry. People who handle or packs of food are using disposable gloves. If you don’t use a pair of gloves. You cannot touch or hold the food with your bare hands because it is unhygienic. Furthermore, gloves have different kinds of colors for different types of uses. Since this has a black color, it’s a suitable love for people who do industrial or mechanical activities. The dark color can hide the dirt away every time they are doing something. After using the pair of gloves, you can throw it right away in the trash can especially if it is contaminated.

Proper Use Of  Gloves

You can slip the available disposable gloves and gowns into your hands easily so you can get to work right away. As a matter of fact, you can do it without any hassle. It offers extreme protection on your hands. This material can let you harsh substances without hurting your hands. After using your hand disposable glove, you can remove it by peeling it downwards away from your hand. Always make sure not to touch the outer part of your hand gloves. Afterward, Dispose of it in a trash can.

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