We do have available disposable Boot,shoe covers,disposable shoe covers , surgical protective equipment.

Physical Characteristics:
Water-resistant booties made from heavyweight and practically impervious compressed polyethylene, PVC or laminated film, excellent for containing moisture and dirt from street shoes. Resistant to chemical corrosion and heavily textured for better grip. Feature offset hole opening.

Disposable available Boot,Shoe Covers Plastic Material (100pcs)

Life is not every day a bed of roses, and you are not always walking on sunshine. Sometimes, you are walking on a pile of dirt, or mud, and even on floodwater! And, when these things happen to you, whether by chance or by choice, you’ll wish you had these disposable shoe covers! These shoe covers function just like how glove works for your hands. It’s a protective cover that keeps your shoes clean from mud, dirt, soil, and floodwater that you might encounter. These covers will save you on the rainy days, like, literally. You wear them on your shoes so that your shoes and socks do not get wet with the rainwater. That is why these covers are very ideal to use in the rainy season. Moreover, if you are always on the field like working in construction or a farm, these shoe covers are perfect for you!

Disposable Available Boot,shoe covers

If do not want the hassle of keeping dirty shoe covers inside your bag, then, the better option for you is to use a disposable one. Most shoe covers are reusable, which is not ideal all the time. With the reusable cover, you’ll still have to clean it when you get home. So, if you like a more convenient option, better yet use the disposable shoe cover. These covers are elastic, so it fits the smallest to the biggest shoe size. It also has a garter brim that keeps it in place. And, this also prevents water from coming inside your shoes.


These shoe covers are water-resistant. It is perfect for the rainy season especially if you always experience a flood in your place. It has a super comfortable fit and it is lightweight too! So, walk comfortably on your shoes wearing these shoe covers

CPE Shoe Covers are made of a low density CPE film making them liquid impervious and lint-free.
These shoe covers are an economical alternative when a low particulate material is needed to protect against splash.
– Angle high slip on with elastic top
– Elastic band gives secure yet comfort fit ,around the shoe
– Superior with regard to liquid resistance
– Will not run or bleed when exposed to water
– Economical
– Disposable
Dimensions:15x36cm, 15x41cm, 15x45cm
Weight: 2g, 2.8g, 3.4g, 6.5g, 6.8g, 7.5g/pc

available stock of boot covers Packing: 10pcs/bundle, 100pcs/polybag, 2000pcs/ctn

Beard Cover

1) Material: PP nonwoven
2) Color: white
3) Size: free size
1) Different weights available
2) Capability: disposable, soft
3) We adopt materials produced by German machinery
4) Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE, FDA, ISO9001 standards
5) Customers’ logos can be printed on
6) Various sizes available
7) Widely used for food industry,hospital and electronic industry etc



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