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NIOSH approved N95,ASTM Level 1-3 surgical face Mask with at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil
Available pp nonwoven fabrics is Recommended for use when sanding, sawing, grinding, lawn mowing, sweeping, dry-wall grinding, woodworking and working with fiberglass insulating particles
Also helps protect against particles such as mold, granular pesticides, allergens and dust
Breathe easier due to proprietary advanced electrostatically charged filter media
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1. The raw material for our product is eco-friendly,not harmful for our body.
2. The product can be breathable,protect our mouth and nose from sand,dust,wind
3. It is light weight,then it wear very comfortable
4. It can add active paper to have higher protection effect when customer use it.
5. The products can comply with N95, EN 149:2001 (FFP1,FFP2,FFP3) standard.
6. We can confirm fast delivery due to production capacity is large as we have 2 production workplace.
7.Free samples is available and can be provided within 3 days.

3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator Mask, 1- BOX Of 20 MASKS

Available PP nonwoven fabrics

This Disposable Face Mask is a protective earloop mask that you can wear conveniently. It is consists of a 3ply non-woven fabric that is pleated. At the same time, it is breathable, moistureproof, and this is suitable for men and women’s daily use. Since is disposable, you can throw it away after using it continuously for eight hours because it becomes less effective afterward. So you have to change your mask every once in a while. There are so many reasons why you need to wear an earloop mask because it can give you a lot of benefits. In fact, it can help you prevent bacterial contamination It can lessen your exposure to a contaminated environment or infectious diseases. Some microorganisms can be transferred airborne and wearing a mask can ensure your safety from catching unwanted health problems.

Using The Mask and PP nonwoven fabrics Properly

It is very necessary to use the mask properly so you should follow the guidelines on how long you should wear or remove it. But first, you must keep your hands clean. Wash them properly with soap and water. Then you can pump an ample amount of hand sanitizer on your hands before you grab your face mask. Afterward, check the mask if there are any holes or damages. The blue part should be facing outwards and then it can fully cover your mouth, nose, and chin. You can wear them efficiently by hanging the earloop to your ears.

Three-Layer Mask 

The three layers of this mask made with PP nonwoven fabrics secure your protection against harmful microorganisms in the environment. The inner layer has excellent moisture absorption while the outer layer is fluid repellent. It serves as a barrier so the bacteria won’t transfer to you as you come in contact with an infected person. You can use it as soon as you go outside



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